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Rakuten Special Feature

Over 40,000 stores have products featured on this popular online shopping mall.

Rakuten offers everything from Japanese fashion merchandise to food products.Rakuten, Japan’s leading marketplace, is popular on Buyee as well.

  • Rakuten is Japan's largest online marketplace.

    Rakuten is Japan’s largest online marketplace.

    With over 40,000 featured shops from all over Japan, there is an astounding variety of products to enjoy browsing through. Rakuten began as an internet marketplace in 1997, and has since become a longtime familiar shopping site for Japanese people.

  • You can enjoy browsing for even the top designer goods

    You can enjoy browsing for even the top designer goods

    On Rakuten, there are great protections against counterfeit products coordinated through close cooperation with the original brands. With this kind of support you can feel secure searching for your favorite goods.

  • Get great savings with our special promotions!

    Get great savings with our special promotions!

    The Rakuten store on Buyee has monthly shipping and service discount promotions. Check in frequently to receive special deals for your shopping!

  • Shipment Policy
    We may not be able to ship overseas if your order contains a product that will not be permitted by the destination country’s customs, or could potentially be hazardous during transportation. Buyee makes sure to keep any possible prohibited goods off of the listed products in our special feature articles, but there is still a possibility that a prohibited item may appear in a special feature. Prohibited products will not be insured, so please check your order carefully to make sure that it does not include any prohibited goods.

* Please be aware when purchasing popular goods that there is a possibility that fake products are being put up for sale.