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Popular Japanese Baby Formula Special Feature

You can rest assured that Japanese powdered milk is produced according to strong standards for ingredients set by the country! You can get the nutrients necessary for your baby’s growth.

No matter which product you choose, the nutritional standards are met. Each manufacturer carries out their own research and search for ingredients that are blended with Plus Alpha and products that match your needs. If you are having trouble picking from the available choices, here are some products that are popular with Japanese moms.

  • Check the target age of the product when purchasing

    Check the target age of the product when purchasing

    There are two types of infant formula: infant formula, which is an alternative to breast milk, and follow-up milk, which is used to supplement the nutrition of babies who have started baby food. Follow-up milk is not a substitute for breast milk, so please check your target age when making a purchase.

  • Select a convenient packaging type

    Select a convenient packaging type

    Packages are basically available in cans and individual wrapping types. Some products are also available in refillable types. The individually wrapped type is convenient when using it on the go. Even if you usually use cans, it may be convenient to have a box of individual wrapping type in case of emergency.

  • Precautions when using ECMS

    Precautions when using ECMS

    When using ECMS, it is recommended to use only powdered milk without including other foods.

  • Shipment Policy
    We may not be able to ship overseas if your order contains a product that will not be permitted by the destination country’s customs, or could potentially be hazardous during transportation. Buyee makes sure to keep any possible prohibited goods off of the listed products in our special feature articles, but there is still a possibility that a prohibited item may appear in a special feature. Prohibited products will not be insured, so please check your order carefully to make sure that it does not include any prohibited goods.
  • Food Shipping Policy
    We cannot deliver shipments with Buyee Air Delivery Taiwan, DHL and ECMS.Available products and shipment methods may be restricted depending on the country.

* Please be aware when purchasing popular goods that there is a possibility that fake products are being put up for sale.