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Enjoying Kyoto, the historical capital of Japan

Kyoto was the Japanese capital for a continuous period of over 1200 years. The traditions and culture that was built up over its long history continue to have a great influence on the lifestyle of of the city and its people. There are many temples that beautifully change to reflect the defining features of the seasons, such as blooming sakura, autumn leaves, green maples and snowy landscapes. You can catch glimpses of everyday life in the traditional houses and small alleys scattered about the city, or see the Maiko walking about in the Gion district or red-light sections of town. Kyoto is a place that Japanese people like to visit many times due to its variety of charms.
Here are some traditional Kyoto crafts and delicious local food that you can enjoy even from home!

  • Attractive Food, Culture and Art

    Attractive Food, Culture and Art

    If you walk the stone-paved streets of the ancient city, you will come across the areas where the Maiko walk about. You can also leisurely tour the traditional buildings and scenic gardens at many temples and enjoy the seasonal scenery. Or perhaps you would want to eat the many traditional multi-course meals, seasonal dishes, and sweets unique to Kyoto? There are many ways to enjoy the city depending on where you go, so you will never get tired of your time in Kyoto no matter how many times you choose to visit.

  • A Crafts Culture Nurtured by a Long History

    A Crafts Culture Nurtured by a Long History

    Many unique cultures and traditions were created during Kyoto's long history as the flourishing capital of Japan.At the same crafts created by the tricks and techniques that have inherited craftsmen at the same time, as a day-to-day life tool of people, also we have evolved religion of ritual supplies, as a tool of hobby and play.

  • Kyoto Food Culture

    Kyoto Food Culture

    The taste of Kyoto has evolved into various food cultures over a long history, such as Kyoto cuisine that has been informed by the characteristics of the four seasons, and obanzai, which uses seasonal vegetables. You can enjoy the rich cooking techniques and tastes as a part of your travels in Kyoto. There is a great variety of sweets to choose from in Kyoto for souvenirs. Featured here are many confectionaries and gifts that can be shipped overseas.

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