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Enjoy the blue seas and skies of Okinawa from your home.

Okinawa is a beautiful and enchanting island with its own history and culture. This culture developed from long ago under the Ryukyu Kingdom, with many unique symbols such as the famous Shuri Castle, and developed as a unique maritime nation. Now Okinawa has become a prime tourist destination, not only for its beautiful nature and blue seas, but for its bounty of traditional culture, music and entertainment. This time you will find a sampling of Okinawan traditional crafts and delicious food!

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    Okinawa, which has different nature and culture on each island, has many attractions!

    There are many attractive aspects to life and traditional culture in Okinawa, such as the beautiful coral seas of ​​shimmering emerald green, taking in the local scenery while shopping in Naha, or hearing the cheerful music of the sanshin while viewing Shuri Castle. Not only the main Okinawan island, but other islands such as Yoron, Miyako Island, Kouri Island and the Yaeyama Islands also feature their own unique and attractive cultures and nature.

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    Okinawa's traditional crafts were developed through a complex history

    Unlike Japanese culture, Okinawa's unique crafts developed under the influence of foreign cultures. Typical examples include pottery, dyeing and glasswork. These crafts reflect the warm and cheerful charm of the Okinawan people.

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    Delicacies of Okinawa

    Okinawan food includes Okinawa Soba and Chanpuru, and Awamori is a notable local liquor. Famous sweets include Sata Andagi and Chinsuko. Many Japanese people become captivated by local Okinawan cuisine after just one taste.

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