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For those searching for Kagoshima travel goods and food, read this Kagoshima special feature from Buyee! This feature includes a special selection of products from Kagoshima!

There are many impressive crafts and shochu created in Kagoshima prefecture in Kyushu that are inspired by its bountiful nature.

Kyushu is the island at the southwest end of the four main islands of Japan. Kagoshima Prefecture is at the southernmost part of Kyushu. This time, we will introduce you to the charms of the land of Kagoshima, as well as items that you can enjoy even at home that are representative of the culture of Kagoshima, such as craftworks, shochu wine, local gourmet foods and sweets.

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    Kagoshima is full of places you can visit where nature has been preserved since ancient times: Sakurajima, where volcanic plumes rise, and Yakushima, a World Heritage site where you can meet cedar trees that are over 1000 years old.

    Sakurajima, an island which is said to be a symbol of Kagoshima, is home to a still-active volcano that still emits smoke and blows volcanic ash across the island. There are a substantial number of enjoyable sightseeing activities on Sakurajima such as kayaking, a hot spring digging experience, sightseeing by charter plane and dolphin watching. When it comes to the nature of Kagoshima, you can't forget about Yakushima. It is an island designated as a natural World Heritage site filled with beautiful mossy forests such as Yakusugi, which are thousands of years old. The landscape of Yakushima was also the inspiration for the forests in the famous Studio Ghibli anime film, Princess Mononoke.

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    Beautiful Kagoshima Craftwork

    Kagoshima has many famous traditional craft techniques. Oshima Tsumugi cloth, textiles, Kagoshima wares and Satsuma tinware are famous. It is a land where armor used in historical dramas and box combs, the Japanese secret to maintaining beautiful black hair, are made.

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    Kagoshima's Delicious Cuisine

    When you think about Kagoshima, you think about its shochu. In particular, there are many brewers of potato shochu and brown sugar shochu, which are loved by many fans of Japanese alcohol.

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