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For Hokkaido food and products, check out Buyee's Hokkaido Special Feature. Many carefully selected Hokkaido products are featured here!

Enjoy Hokkaido While Staying at Home

Hokkaido is a popular place where many foreign tourists come for sightseeing and delicious food. This time, we will introduce products purchasable on Buyee so that you can enjoy Hokkaido from home. Read on to see a variety of local Hokkaido gourmet foods, sweets and products that you need to know about.

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    Hokkaido, A Northern Island With A Rich Natural Environment

    Hokkaido is full of enjoyable activities such as winter skiing, snow festivals, and lots of delicious food, and is famed for its magnificent natural landscapes. For example, Hakodate has an exotic atmosphere that is known worldwide for its beautiful nightscapes, Otaru is a popular filming location for movies and dramas, Furano in the lavender field. The wonderful scenery of Shiretoko, Lake Akan, Lake Shikotsu, and Lake Mashu are also popular. In this special feature, we will introduce various products that can be ordered from Hokkaido.

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    A Land of Dairy Farming With Many Sweets!

    Hokkaido is also a region with a vast amount of land used to power thriving dairy farming and agriculture industries. There are many delicious sweets such as cookies, chocolate, ice cream, potato chips, corn snacks, etc. made from Hokkaido's fresh milk, butter and vegetables.

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    Antiques and Folk Crafts

    Long ago Hokkaido was the land of the Ainu, and to this day their ancient culture forms a deep part of the everyday culture of the people of this island. The Ainu language is still used for place names and various words, and these people who worship nature as gods as they coexist with it are loved and respected by others.

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