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Mt. Fuji Special Feature

Get Mt. Fuji Goods!

Japan’s tallest mountain, Mt. Fuji has long been considered a symbol of the nation. Mt. Fuji’s beautiful form has been worshipped from ancient times and is a great inspiration on Japanese art and culture. We have chosen a wide range of Mt. Fuji related products that can be shipped overseas, from daily use items to special Mt. Fuji gifts for friends and family.

  • Shipment Policy
    We may not be able to ship overseas if your order contains a product that will not be permitted by the destination country’s customs, or could potentially be hazardous during transportation. Buyee makes sure to keep any possible prohibited goods off of the listed products in our special feature articles, but there is still a possibility that a prohibited item may appear in a special feature. Prohibited products will not be insured, so please check your order carefully to make sure that it does not include any prohibited goods.
  • Alcohol Shipping Policy
    The shipping method will be limited to DHL only for alcoholic beverages above 24% ABV.In addition, there may be restrictions on alcoholic beverage imports depending on the country. Please click to confirm your country’s restrictions and regulations.Alcoholic beverages cannot be sold to persons under the age of 20.
  • Food Shipping Policy
    We cannot deliver shipments with Buyee Air Delivery Taiwan, DHL and ECMS.Available products and shipment methods may be restricted depending on the country.

* Please be aware when purchasing popular goods that there is a possibility that fake products are being put up for sale.