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Hyogo Specialty Products Feature

Hyogo Prefecture borders Osaka Prefecture, where Kansai International Airport is located, and is a popular tourist destination for foreigners alongside Osaka and Kyoto.

Nestled between the Sea of Japan and the Seto Inland Sea, it is surrounded by the blessings of the sea. Hyogo’s agriculture produces the world-famous Kobe beef as well as black beans from Tanba, Izushi Soba from Tajima, and other famous products that rely on Hyogo’s agricultural climate. Hyogo is also distinct for its many famous sake producing areas.

Hyogo Prefecture is a popular tourist destination close to Osaka and the Kansai International Airport.

The port town of Kobe is famous for Kobe Beef, The World Heritage Cultural Site Himeji Castle, the world’s largest suspension bridge Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, and the historic hot spring areas Arima Onsen and Kinosaki Onsen. We deliver carefully selected products that are not yet widely known from Hyogo, blessed by its sea and mountains, and a center of sake production.

  • Japan's first World Heritage cultural site, Himeji Castle, also known as 'White Egret Castle'.

    Japan’s first World Heritage cultural site, Himeji Castle, also known as ‘White Egret Castle’.

    Owing to its graceful appearance reminiscent of a white egret spreading out its wings, is the largest surviving example of castle architecture in Japan. Especially in the cherry blossom season, it presents a beautiful appearance.

  • Akashi Kaikyo Bridge,  The World's Longest Suspension Bridge.

    Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, The World’s Longest Suspension Bridge.

    The 3,911m-long suspension bridge connecting Kobe to Awaji island is known as the “pearl bridge” because when it lights up it is as beautiful as a collection of pearls. The bridge’s main tower, which has a height of around 300 meters, offers a tour which is also popular.

  • Kinosaki Onsen, A Hot Spring With Over 1300 Years Of History.

    Kinosaki Onsen, A Hot Spring With Over 1300 Years Of History.

    The secret of Kinosaki Onsen’s popularity is the “hot spring town” surrounding it. Amidst the traditional inns and souvenir shops, there are seven communal baths, letting you put on a yukata and enjoy an outdoor hot spring tour around the communal baths.

  • Takeda Castle Ruins, The Castle Above A Sea Of Clouds

    Takeda Castle Ruins, The Castle Above A Sea Of Clouds

    The Takeda Castle Ruins were originally a mountain castle built on the summit of Mt. Kojo at an altitude of 353.7m. This area often has fog on sunny autumn mornings, creating the appearance of a castle nestled in the clouds that makes the Takeda Castle Ruins a must-see for visitors.

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