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Himeji Special Feature

Himeji, which is located near the Kansai International Airport in Osaka, is a popular tourist destination for foreigners visiting Japan.

Himeji is famous for Himeji Castle, Japan’s first World Heritage Site. This time we will be introducing products that can be purchased on Buyee to let you enjoy Himeji from the comfort of your own home.

World Heritage City Himeji

Himeji is famous for Himeji Castle, Japan’s first World Heritage Site and a designated National Treasure. The area features various attractions, such as “Shoshazan Engyoji Temple”, famous as the filming location for the movie “The Last Samurai”, and the Ieshima islands, which consist of 44 islands of varying size. In this special feature, we will be introducing unique and carefully selected products from Himeji. Please take your time and enjoy looking through these products.

  • Enjoying Himeji (Sightseeing spots)

    Himeji Castle, Japan’s first World Heritage Site, known for its beautiful white exterior, and Shoshazan Engyoji Temple, famous as the filming location for the movie “The Last Samurai”, are popular photo locations with overseas tourists.

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  • Dining in Himeji (Gourmet)

    With its agricultural and livestock products from the fertile Harima Plain, the fresh fish of the Harima-nada sea available at the Maedore Market, the confectioneries and sake brewers that enjoy a long history in the area, and the local gourmet options that showcase distinctive regional cuisine, Himeji is attracting attention as a treasure trove of delicious food.

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  • Soothing Relaxation in Himeji

    In Himeji you can also enjoy Onsen, which are popular with foreign tourists. Visitors can enjoy a soothing time in the Satoyama Onsen Resort surrounded by tranquil Japanese scenery.

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  • Shopping in Himeji (Souvenirs)

    Himeji is a castle town with a confectionary tradition that has continued for over 400 years. Blessed with high-quality water and sake rice, unique local sake is produced in eight breweries in the city. Besides, Himeji’s famous white tanned leather work, confections, sake, handmade somen noodles, dried noodles, kugini simmered fish, grilled conger eel, and processed yuzu products are all popular souvenirs.

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