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Buyee is a proxy purchasing service that allows you to buy any products available on all popular Japanese shopping sites!

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Service Flow

  1. Sign Up

    Sign up for free. Register your delivery address.

  2. Search For Items !

    Many Japanese online stores are available on Buyee. Find the item you want !

  3. Bid / Buy !

    Place bids on auction items, or add an item to your cart and buy it.

  4. International Shipping

    We will ship your package to the registered address.

Buyee Features

  • Buy from Japan !

    Buy Japan-exclusive products from anywhere in the world !

  • Multilingual Support

    No need to use Japanese. We support a wide range of languages.

  • Payment Methods

    You can pay with Paypal, credit cards and Alipay.

  • Insurance Plans

    We offer 4 different plans depending on your needs.

  • International Shipping Methods

    EMS, AIR, SAL, Sea mail, FedEx, UPS, DHL are available.

  • Optional Services

    Package consolidation, protective packaging, photo service, etc.


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