Overseas Ordering Cart Usage Guide

The Overseas Ordering Cart is provided by Buyee, a proxy shopping service.

About Buyee

Buyee is Japan's largest proxy purchase service, which purchases products on Japanese online stores and delivers products overseas on behalf of overseas customers with an interest in normally Japan-limited goods.

Reasons you should use Buyee as your proxy shopping service

  • Able to interact with many e-commerce sites

  • You don't need to be able to read Japanese

  • Exceptionally low prices in the business

  • A range of delivery methods

  • No need for identity verification

  • Lots of ways to pay

  • Safe and reliable service

Overseas Ordering Cart Purchase Guide

Use the Overseas Ordering Cart to get items delivered to you from eligible store by ordering them on Buyee.
The 3 easy steps below give a detailed explanation of this process.

Recommended Browsers* Latest versions recommended
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox

Step1 Select the product/quantity on eligible store and proceed to the cart on eligible store's website.

The Overseas Shopping Cart cannot be used on this page.

Proceed to Order

Step2 Please click on 'Proceed to Order' with the overseas ordering cart and continue to the order procedure on Buyee's website.

When you click on 'Proceed to Order', any items that you have added to eligible store's cart will then be added to your Buyee order list.

* Please make sure to delete any unwanted items or items that have already been added to Buyee's order list in advance from eligible store's cart, and click 'Proceed to Order'.

* The desired quantity can also be changed when ordering with Buyee.

Proceed to Order

Step1 Proceed to the product details page on eligible store for the item you want, and confirm options such as desired size, color, quantity, etc.

The Overseas Shopping Cart cannot be used on this page.

Add to cart

Step2 Click on 'Add to Cart' in the cart for overseas orders, and then click on(cart icon) to complete the order process on Buyee.

Click on 'Add to cart' to add the item whose item details page who are viewing on eligible store to the Buyee order list.

* Please be sure to select all options (quantity, size, color, etc.) for your desired product before proceeding to order.

* You can also change the desired quantity when you are completing the order procedure on Buyee.

Add to cart

Step3 Confirm Order on Buyee


Click on 'Proceed to Order Procedure'

* Free member registration and login are required.

* For confirmation of the usage method and fees, move to the 'Usage Guide' to check the details.

Usage Guide Proceed to Order Procedure


The item from eligible store's website that you have added to Buyee is displayed. Confirm the product details and amount, and then click on 'Proceed to Order'.

Proceed to Order


Select the payment method for the desired itemband click on 'Submit Order'.

With this, the order is complete!

Submit Order

Usage Fee and Product Delivery

Here is an explanation of the timeline from placing the order to when the product is delivered, and of the usage fees.
We will deliver products to customers with the lowest usage fees possible and a complete warranty plan!

Usage Fee

You will pay these fees on Buyee when placing the order and when preparing for shipping.
There are a variety of payment methods to choose from.

Payment Methods

Product Ordering

Buyee will purchase items according to your order.
Items are temporarily stored in Buyee's Japanese warehouse while preparing for shipping outside Japan.

Product Related FeesOur usage fees are the lowest possible! We also offer a complete warranty plan!

Product Price

Product Price (Actual Cost)

The price of the product that the customer has ordered.

Buyee Service Fee

Flat Rate 300 yen / Per Order
The Cheapest Rates Possible!

This fee is for Buyee staff support given for the item purchasing process.

Guarantee Plan * Optional

Delivery Compensation / Inspection Fee
0 yen ~ 500 yen

This is a plan that allows you to have your products delivered more safely. You can subscribe at any time.

About Warranty Plans

Product Shipping

We will deliver the products from Buyee's Japanese warehouse to the customer's given address.

Delivery FeesThe shipping fee is the actual amount! There are no extra charges.

Domestic Shipping Fee

Japanese Site → Buyee's Japanese Warehouse

We will only charge you the actual shipping fee amount.

International Shipping Fee

Buyee's Japanese Warehouse → Customer's Address

We will only charge you the actual shipping fee amount.

* In addition, if you use optional delivery options, or if customs duties are incurred, these fees will be charged separately.

About International Shipping Fees

Product Delivery