About usage fees and various fees

We will inform you about the fees when using Buyee's overseas ordering cart.

The related costs are paid in two installments.

First payment
Payment of product cost and service fees.
Second payment
Payment of shipping charges, etc.

First payment

Please pay when requesting purchase support.

1. Product price
Product price (tax included)
2. Purchase fee
3. Insurance plan
¥ 0 - ¥ 500About Plan
  • * Depending on the site, there might be sites that charge a fee in addition to the product price.

Second payment

After the item arrives at the Buyee warehouse, please pay when arranging overseas shipping.

1. Domestic shipping fee
Actual cost
2. International shipping fee
3. Special rate
Actual cost* Goods and Services Tax (GST) may be levied depending on the country.
4. Optional service
If applicable
  • * The domestic shipping fee is the fee for shipping from the store to Buyee's warehouse in Japan.
  • * The domestic shipping charges apply to the shipping charges of each shop. It may be free depending on the shop.
  • * Even items with free shipping may incur a domestic shipping fee depending on the store's regulations and/or conditions.
  • * Please see below for details on international shipping charges.
    Available delivery methods
    International shipping fee
  • * Please select additional optional services as you wish.
    Consolidation service
    Protective packing service
    Photo service

Payment method

  • PayPal
  • Alipay
  • Visa, Mastercard, JCB, UnionPay

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About payment currency

The payment currency is determined by the country of issue of the credit card and the country of registration of PayPal. Alipay can only be settled in Chinese yuan.

The exchange rate of each currency varies depending on the market rate between 11:00 and 12:00 JST.

Usage fees and other fees may vary depending on the type of item and the destination country.

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