Mercari Japan Special Feature

Mercari Japan Special Feature

An online flea market app that has been downloaded over 100 million times in Japan.

It is said that one in every two Japanese people uses Mercari Japan. It is also common for Japanese people to be asked, “Do you use Mercari Japan?” What is this rapidly growing, super popular service?

  • Anime and idol merchandise and more listed every day!

    Anime and idol merchandise and more listed every day!

    With Mercari Japan, users can list items to sell from their phone, so the amount of items in circulation is incredible! There are over 2.0 billion total items, with more than 1 million items in about 12 categories listed for sale every day.

  • Get rare items immediately!

    Get rare items immediately!

    There are many unique items for sale on Mercari Japan, and limited time products that can be purchased immediately at one unchanging price. The store is updated frequently, so even if you can’t find your preferred item, we recommend that you check again every day.

  • Great values for the price!

    Great values for the price!

    Everyone has those items that make you think, [That’s too much for me, I can’t buy that…] You can purchase even those kinds of items at Mercari Japan for a great value! Luxury brands and high quality products like watches or handbags can be on sale for shocking prices!

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    We may not be able to ship overseas if your order contains a product that will not be permitted by the destination country’s customs, or could potentially be hazardous during transportation. Buyee makes sure to keep any possible prohibited goods off of the listed products in our special feature articles, but there is still a possibility that a prohibited item may appear in a special feature. Prohibited products will not be insured, so please check your order carefully to make sure that it does not include any prohibited goods.

* Please be aware when purchasing popular goods that there is a possibility that fake products are being put up for sale.