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Brand Reused Items.
For those who are worried when buying from a flea market service.

"I'm worried about buying from a private seller"
"I'm worried that the item may be a fake"
"I want to know more about the condition of the item."

Rakuma Official Shop is recommended for such people.

Rakuma Official Shop
A marketplace operated by Rakuten Group.
This service is an official storefront for reuse businesses.

Store Screening

Rakuten Rakuma's selective screening of new store openings

Only those store that have passed the screening process are certified as official stores. Since many of Japan's major stores specialized in reused brand items have passed the screening process, the transactions are smooth and reliable.


Checked by a professional authenticity appraiser

All items for sale at Rakuma's official stores have already been assessed. Experienced professional staff at each brand reuse store take responsibility for checking the authenticity of the items before selling them. Only items that meet the standards of each store are sold.

Description of
item condition

Detailed listing of product condition

Many items are listed with a description of the product condition, including ranking and condition details. The comments are written by specialists of each store, so they are easy to refer to and allow you to compare and consider other items before making a purchase. This is a unique advantage of the Rakuma official store.





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What is Rakuten Rakuma?

A flea market site run by Rakuten.
A safe and secure shopping experience.
Rakuten Rakuma is a flea market site reborn from Japan's first flea market application "Frill", which started its service in July 2012. It is safe and secure because it is operated by Rakuten Group, the largest e-commerce company in Japan!
No hassle!
Even first-timers can use the service with ease
New items from all over Japan are being listed every day! You can place an order with just one click, so you can easily get the items you want at a great price!

What is a Rakuma Official Shop?

Stores that have officially opened a store on Rakuten Rakuma.
Reuse specialty stores with proven track records are registered.
Japan's major stores specialized in reused brand items with abundant experience and specialized item knowledge have opened official stores on Rakuma and are listing items one after another!
Fine bags, watches, accessories, and more.
Find great bargains with confidence.
From affordable to high-brand items, you can find both reused brand-name and imported international fashion items.

How to search for items

  • Step 1 :
    Search by [Official Shop]

    Enter the keywords "Official Store" in the search window and you will find all listings of stores specialized in reused brand items.
    You can also specify a category.

  • Step 2 :
    How to narrow your search

    On the item detail page, click on the text listed under [Brand], [Item Condition], [Seller], and [Category].
    Search results corresponding to your keywords will be displayed.

    You can also see items from "Other than official stores", so type in "Official Stores" to add a search tag!

  • Step 3 :
    Search results

    Only the items listed by stores specialized in reused brand items and correspondent to the specified keywords will be displayed.

    *If there is no item that matches the relevant criteria, nothing will be displayed.