“Koikiya Tokyo” is an online shop operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, selling traditional craft products.

KOIKIYA TOKYO Stylish Traditional Crafts

Stylish traditional crafts from Tokyo.

A long history and a high level of craftsmanship, creating objects in this present moment to be part of our daily lives. The appearance of these objects reflects the aesthetic sense of the craftsmen to add a pleasant accent to your everyday life.
Each object is crafted with its own distinctive rich texture and expression.
An ease of use born from generations of innovation.
Objects you grow attached to and want to make a part of your daily life. The traditional crafts of Tokyo.
Stylish traditional crafts from a city where a handed down sense of style still lives on.
Introducing the store "Koikiya Tokyo".


Tokyo's traditional crafts are made using traditional skills and techniques that have been developed in the distinctive climate and history of Tokyo and passed down across generations.

Traditional crafts with their simple handmade sensibility, warmth and superior functionality add richness to our lives when compared to mass-produced, uniform products.

As a local industry with deep roots in the community, traditional crafts also contribute to the development of the local economy and play a major role in local culture.

Traditional crafts popular in online shopping

There are many traditional crafts from Tokyo that are also popular with customers from overseas. Here is a look at some particularly popular products.

Edo Kiriko 江戸切子

Pathways of light engraved on colored glass.

This craft utilizes European glass cutting techniques and is made by cutting a variety of patterns on the surface of glass using a metal plate or whetstone. Delicate engraving is worked upon colored glass less than 1mm thick to create a characteristic sharp, clear luminance.

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Tokyo Rattan Crafts 東京籐工芸

Artistic everyday items that harmonize with your body and daily life.

All pieces are crafted by hand to make the most of the materials in pursuit of the highest functionality. The weaving method varies for each section to ensure the optimal tension and hardness, with attention to fine detail such as bumps to prevent slipping and taking pains to ensure nails are not visible.

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Edo Kimekomi Dolls 江戸木目込み人形

The unique Japanese technique "kimekomi", in which the body of the doll is made of wood with lines created on it, and the outfit is added and pushed into the stripe pattern to complete the doll.

Besides delivering dolls filled with special sentiment and cultural background all around the world, interior and miscellaneous goods are also produced.

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