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We will introduce you to some useful childcare items that are popular with Japanese mothers!

We have searched Japan to bring you many useful items for when you are away, items with cute designs, and products that are uniquely fun.
Take a look at some Japanese products that can bring more fun to your kids' daily lives!

  • The 'Let's Go Zoo' Sticker Book has been a hugely popular book for kids since its launch in 1996.

    This book, Liebam's most popular sticker book, colorfully depicts animals that feel as if they are going to move off of the page! Liebam's popular Japanese sticker book series helps to expand childrens' imagination and reasoning ability!

    At the 'Let's Go Zoo', lions, otters, bears, sea lions and other popular zoo animals live and play happily together. Children will learn the names and shapes of animals while playing and sticking the stickers onto the pages.
    From going on road trips to relaxing after a meal, kids can play with 'Lets Go Zoo' in many different situations!

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  • Karel Capek Tea Set

    This recommended tea bag set contains 20 packs of this popular flavored tea brand. Also great as a small souvenir or a gift to your closest friends!

  • Bibs

    Enjoy mealtime with these cute and colorful bibs! The EVA material makes it easy to clean even if it gets dirty, and because it is a pocket-type bib the clothes underneath will be safe even if the bib gets messy.

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