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  • POINT1

    Auction for traders!

    This auction is only for vendors who have a special license in Japan. You can bid through Buyee!

  • POINT2

    Only authenticated items!

    The auction host company is a major Japanese reuse company.

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    No annual membership or participation fees!

    The expensive annual membership fee and participation fee are waived when you join through Buyee! You can participate for a great price


Bidding Period Every Saturday 10:00 - Tuesday 18:00 (JST)
Bidding Results Between every Thursdays to every Fridays(JST)

Bidding Method and Price Determination Method

Bidding Steps in Sealed Bidding

What is sealed bidding: An auction in which the bidding status is kept private.

  1. STEP 1

    Search for the products you want

    Search for the products you are interested in. The use method is the same as the usual Buyee process.

  2. STEP 2

    Bid at the maximum price

    Enter the "maximum price you can bid for" in the Bidding Price field! Even if you enter a TOP price, you can rest assured that the actual bid price is the second price auction*

  3. STEP 3

    Bidding status is private

    You cannot see other people's bids because of the "sealed bidding system". You will not be able to see the bidding prices of other bidders you have to wait until the bidding ends.
    ※ It is possible to re-bid at a higher price than the price you bid for.

  4. STEP 4

    On the last day of the bidding period, you will be able to Confirm your right to buy

    If you were the TOP price, you will get the right to buy! You will be contacted on your My Page to confirm.
    ※If you are not successful, you will be contacted by email

Pricing is determined by the second-price method

A second-price auction is an auction in which the second-price bidder's price plus a fixed bidding range is used to determine the auction price.

  1. If the bidding range for this item was "1,000 yen"...

  2. Your bid is "80,000 yen" and you are the first bidder.
    The other bidder's bid is "70,000 yen", the second highest bidder. In that case, the right to purchase is yours!

  3. Your payment for this item will be "71,000 yen",
    which is the second highest bidder's price + the bidding range.
    *Shipping, handling fees, etc. are not included on this price.

Participate in an auction

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q1.

    Are there any special fees?


    Auctions for vendors are subject to a "bidding fee" in addition to the regular Buyee plan fee and shipping charges.

    For EcoRing auctions, a bidding fee will be charged on the bid amount. For details, please refer to "Auction Fees" in the bidding page.

    Bid Price Bidding Fee
    (excluding tax)
    ~1,000 yen 500 yen
    〜49,000 yen 1,000 yen
    50,000 yen 2,000 yen

    ※Bids are in increments of 1,000 yen.

    ※All prices do not include tax.

  2. Q2.

    We cannot confirm if your bid has been successful.


    If your bid is successful, you will be notified on "My Page" on the following business day after the bidding deadline.

    If your bid was unsuccessful, you will receive a "Notification of unsuccessful bid" email to your registered email address.

  3. Q3.

    What should I do after winning a bid?


    After you have successfully won an auction, the procedure for shipping your package is the same as any other bid/purchase process provided by Buyee.