The long-awaited new service is now available on Buyee! The long-awaited new service is now available on Buyee!

eBay service is available in the following seven countries/regions.

  • Hong Kong

    Hong Kong

  • China


  • Macau


  • Singapore


  • Thailand


  • Malaysia


  • Philippines


* Products can only be sent to countries listed above.

How this service works

  • Search for keywords of products you want

  • Bid or buy the item

  • Buyee buys products and makes the payment to the seller from eBay on your behalf
    (Commission Fee: $8 flat rate)

  • The item arrives at Buyee's US warehouse from the seller and/or store

  • After the international shipping fee, etc being paid from our members, the item will be shipped to you from Buyee's US warehouse.

* Please click here for more information about fees.

User's Guide

eBay's advantages

  • The one and only auction site!

    The world's largest number of sellers with variety of products.
    listed by 7 million American sellers.
    You can find rare items.

  • You can get products you can't get in your own country!

    Many items that are not available overseas are available here.
    Limited editions and rare items from well-known brands are also available on eBay at great prices!
    Don't miss your chance to bid on items at an amazing price!

  • Enjoy the safe bidding procedure!

    As the seller's score and ratings are disclosed,you can confirm them before purchasing the product you want!
    As Buyee supports you along the way you can safely make your purchase.

eBay is an official partner of Buyee so you can shop safely.

Buyee will support and manage everything from payment to delivery.

The service is available in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and English.