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You can even buy items that are hard to get outside of Japan! Here are some of Buyee's most popular product categories.

Recommended Items by Category


The most popular genre on Buyee! You can find many kinds of figures, from longtime fan favorites to the most recent topics of conversation! There are figures from franchises like Godzilla or Gundam put up for sale every day.

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Tomica, a toy car brand that has been loved throughout the years. It is possible to get classic toy cars that are usually sold out on the same day they are put up for sale in Japan!

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You can get the top game systems and software at a great value! You can also now find more obscure or unique games!

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Plush Dolls

An assortment of eye-catchingly cute plushies featuring popular characters! Many exclusive plushies that you won't normally find outside of Japanese game centers are also available!

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What is Buyee proxy shopping service?

Buyee is a service that purchases products on behalf of customers and sends the packages internationally.
From purchase to international delivery, Buyee takes care of everything.
So it's much easier to use compared to forwarding services.
The fees for Buyee service are also exceptionally cheaper than using forwarding services. So please take a look around!

Reasons you should use Buyee as your proxy shopping service

  • Able to interact with many e-commerce sites

  • You don't need to be able to read Japanese

  • Exceptionally low prices in the business

  • A range of delivery methods

  • No need for identity verification

  • Lots of ways to pay

  • Safe and reliable service