The strength of Rakuten's 'Rakuten Rakuma' is its rich variety of products and limited items !!

  • merit. 1

    Flea market service with an large number of products !!

    Due to the integration of the two flea market apps, you can get not only handmade products, but also a wide variety of products such as women's fashion, cosmetics, entertainment goods and home appliances.

  • merit. 2

    On Rakuten Rakuma you can get limited items at flea market prices

    Out-of-print / out-of-print brands, trends and limited items that are in fashion now You can find it at flea market prices.

  • merit. 3

    Flea market service with an large number of products !!

    If you already know what items you would like to purchase, you will surely find it here.

    • Those who want to find fashion trends

      If you want an item that was shown in magazines and TV, even if it sells quickly, you can buy it from Rakuten Rakuma at a good price.

    • Those who are raising children and want to find children's products

      If you want to buy children's products you can find them on Rakuten Rakuma at a great price.

    • For those who have various hobbies

      Feel free to save money on your hobby! There is a rich lineup of interior goods / manga, games, home appliances, and fishing equipment.

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