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Let's search and buy ne Quittez pas' products via
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In place of stores that only deal with Japan domestic shipping and Japanese payment, Buyee shops and delivers the items on behalf of customers

Columbia Music Shop

STEP1.Copy the item's name

Make a search base on the copied item's name

STEP2.Shop the item

Pay for the item by the frequently used credit card

STEP3.When the item arrives at Buyee's warehouse

Buyee will receive the item at the warehouse on our customers' behalf

STEP4.International shipping

The item will quickly be shipped to your country of residence

STEP5.Arrival of orders and packages

The items will safely be shipped to your address

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What is Buyee proxy shopping service?

Buyee is a service that makes a purchase on behalf of the customer and carries out worldwide shipping.

From making a purchase to before international shipping, you can do everything on your own without Buyee, and the transportation service has become a lot esier to use.

Get that Japanese products you deisre with Buyee!

  • Able to interact with
    many e-commerce sites
  • You don't need to be able to read Japanese
  • Contact us via e-mai
    and chat box
  • A range of delivery methods
  • No need for identity verification
  • Lots of ways to pay
  • Safe and reliable service