Usage guide for Buyee's overseas ordering cart

From purchase to international shipping. Buyee supports your product purchase and worldwide delivery.

Steps to purchase Japanese items safely from overseas

Step1 Add the item selected on the Japanese site cart page to the Buyee cart.

Select an item at the shop you are shopping for and go to the cart page on the Japanese site.

Click on “Add to cart“ to proceed with the order.

* When you click “Add to cart“, all items in the cart of the shop will be added to the Buyee cart.

Step1 Select a product on the japanese product page and add it to the Buyee cart.

Select the quantity / size / color etc. along with the product directly at the Japanese site.

Click “Add Item“ and then click “Buy Now“ in Buyee to proceed with the order.

Step2 Proceed with the order request in the Buyee cart.

Click “Proceed to Order Procedure” in the Buyee cart.

* Membership registration and login are required to use this service.

Check the product contents and quantity in the Buyee cart and click “Proceed to order page”. Confirm your order.

* Items requested for will be purchased at the target shop.

This completes the order procedure.
Please wait until the item arrives at the Buyee warehouse.

Step3 Proceed to overseas shipping procedures in the Buyee cart.

When your package arrives at the warehouse, we will notify you to the registered email address on your Buyee account.

Delivery procedure

We will ship after you have selected the shipping method and paying the international shipping fee. Please wait until delivery.

About the estimated delivery time

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