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Mar 20 ~ Mar 26

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Collection Car Auction
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  • 1970 Nissan Skyline GT-R (KPGC10)

    The vehicle has been stored in a warehouse for 27 years. The exterior has been completely painted, but the muffler and over fenders are original. The interior is also beautiful and many parts of the car are still in original condition. The carburetor and fuel system have been overhauled and the engine starts without any problems.

    1970 Nissan Skyline GT-R (KPGC10)

    Model year : 1970

    Mileage : 14,644km


    ・Civilian Jeep produced under the initiative of the U.S. military
    ・It is equipped with a Hurricane 4 (JH4) engine with a displacement of 134
    ・The "静 1" license plate was removed after arrival.


    Model year : 1959

    Mileage : 53,569km

  • 1964 DATSUN FAIRLADY 1500(SP310)

    ・Equiped with a In-line 4-cylinder 1,500㏄ G-type engine
    ・SU twin carbs installed (80 hp at 5,600 rpm)

    1964 DATSUN FAIRLADY 1500(SP310)

    Model year : 1964

    Mileage : 16,026km


    ・Rare "bar handle" model
    ・Displacement: 249 cc, maximum output: 18 hp
    ・Often called the "Helicopter in the city”.


    Model year : 1960

    Mileage : 26,949km

  • 1962 DATSUN BLUEBIRD "P312"

    ・The first generation Bluebird
    ・Full original car
    ・Late model "bamboo shoot" tail lamps
    ・Rare "静 5" single digit license plate

    1962 DATSUN BLUEBIRD "P312"

    Model year : 1962

    Mileage : 38,930km

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Collection Car Auction details

Auction period Mar 20, 2023(Mon)11:00 a.m. 〜 Mar 26(Sun) 8:00 p.m.[JST]
Target exhibition products
  • 1970 Nissan Skyline GT-R (KPGC10)
  • 1964 DATSUN FAIRLADY 1500(SP310)
  • 1962 DATSUN BLUEBIRD "P312"
Participation conditions
  • You must be a new member of Buyee
  • You can submit identity verification
  • The winning bid amount can be transferred to the designated bank account in Japanese yen within one week
*Please be sure to read it.
  • Even if you already have a Buyee account, you will not be able to participate with a registered Buyee account due to the participation in special high-priced auctions. Please be sure to register as a new member to participate in this auction.
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  • After the successful bid, you will be asked to transfer the winning bid amount and other expenses in Japanese yen within one week.
  • If you make a successful bid, you will be responsible for arranging transportation from Japan to your country.
  • Depending on your country of residence, you may not be able to import used cars. Please note that Buyee is not responsible even if it cannot be imported.
  • The registered account will be deleted as soon as the auction ends.
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  • Please participate in this auction only agreeing with above terms, Buyee's Term of Service and rules set by Buyee.