Collection No.4

Aug 30 ~ Sep 5

Due to high demand, we are holding the 4th car auction !
A total of 42 valuable collection cars, motorcycles,
parts and goods from BINGO Sports will be available !

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BINGO is a reliable auction house company operating auctions in events such as Tokyo Auto Salon & Suzuka circuit. They sell various notable cars and many rare car parts in Yahoo Auction! store.

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Collection Car Auction
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  • 2011 Ferrari 599 HGTE

    Equipped with the HGTE package, this Ferrari 599 has a Semi AT F1 SuperFast transmission. With a white exterior and a light pink and black interior. It was ordered by a famous Japanese collector

    2011 Ferrari 599 HGTE

    model year : 2011

    mileage : 21,658km

  • 1968 Mazda Cosmosports(L10A)

    A big favorite, the Mazda Cosmo Sport. A rare early model equipped with an L10A series engine. The manteinance records shows that the engine was overhauled in 2010, only one of many mantainance records.

    1968 Mazda Cosmosports(L10A)

    model year : 1968

    mileage : 36,820km

  • 1991 RANGE ROVER 3.9 4door

    This 1991 RANGE ROVER has a modern specification that combines a 4-door model with a 3.9-liter V8 engine and an automatic transmission. One that has been modified by RANGERS with a feeling of a "Classic RANGE".

    1991 RANGE ROVER 3.9 4door

    model year : 1991

    mileage : 129,265km

  • 1995 TOYOTA Supra SZ

    In 1999, it was handed over to the current owner, who became the second owner, and was stored indoors for 22 years. It will be a highly original NA / AT vehicle that has been inspected and maintained by dealers for many years.

    1995 TOYOTA Supra SZ

    model year : 1995

    mileage : 48,010km

  • 1991 Mercedes-Benz 560SEL

    This Mercedes-Benz 560SEL, is the highest grade of the long wheelbase model equipped with a V8 5.6 liter engine. The exterior is black pearl and the interior is black leather. Many dealer-issued maintenance invoices remain.

    1991 Mercedes-Benz 560SEL

    model year : 1991

    mileage : 81,359km

  • 1977 Ferrari 308 GTB

    The condition is good, such as the yellow color exterior, the wheels, and the interior of black leather. The interior is fully original except for the steering wheel and audio. Genuine tools and spare tires are also included.

    1977 Ferrari 308 GTB

    model year : 1977

    mileage : 74,230km

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Collection Car Auction details

Auction period Aug 30 2021 (Mon) 11:00a.m. - Sep 5 2021 (Sun) 8:00p.m. [JST]
Target exhibition products
  • 2011 Ferrari 599 HGTE
  • 1996 Aston Martin VANTAGE V550
  • 1977 Ferrari 308 GTB
  • 1968 Mazda Cosmosports(L10A)
  • 1976 Panther J72
  • 1991 RANGE ROVER 3.9 4door
  • 2001 BMW Z3 M Coupe
  • 1995 TOYOTA Supra SZ
  • 2001 TMI VM180 ZAGATO
  • 2003 Opel Speedster
  • 2006 Maserati GranSport
  • 1991 Mercedes-Benz 560SEL
  • 1980 Yamaha TZ500
  • 1978 Yamaha TZ350
  • Tipo F120A Engine for Ferrari F40
  • Tipo 0124D Engine For Ferrari 250
  • Tipo F102B Engine For Ferrari 512BB
  • Wooden Engine for Ferrari 365GTB/4
  • Ferrari 312T2 "1977 F1 ボディカウル"
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  • Depending on your country of residence, you may not be able to import used cars. Please note that Buyee is not responsible even if it cannot be imported.
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