Japanese Autumn Trends Tops Collection For a limited time, international shipping fees are 3,000 yen OFF!!

September 17th, 2021 (Fri) 12:00 p.m -
September 30th (Thu) 11:59 p.m. [JST]

A lineup of popular Japanese tops now available!
Get 3,000 OFF international shipping with a purchase of any product costing 3,000 yen or more in this exclusive offer!
A special treat for yourself at a great price!

  • Customers will be eligible for a coupon if there is at least one participating shop they are shopping at for the first time.
  • Customers who have previously made purchases on a participating shop will be considered as already having made their first purchase on the shop in question.
  • Even in the event of shopping at multiple shops, only one coupon will be issued per customer.
  • Coupons will be distributed after the end of the promotional period.



T-shirts ・ Tops

Knitwear ・Sweaters




T-shirts ・ Tops

Knitwear ・Sweaters



An official online store that features the URBAN RESEARCH, DOORS, ROSSO, KBF and SENSE OF PLACE brands.

※URBAN RESEARCH shopping can be done directly from within the URBAN RESEARCH website.

URBAN RESEARCH Purchase Methods

See See URBAN RESEARCH products

Carries a wide range of around 3,000 official brands. Be sure to enjoy the best online shopping at the online shop with the highest level of service in Japan.

※LOCONDO shopping can be done directly from within the LOCONDO website.

LOCONDO Purchase Methods

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A fashion shopping service with three million members and more than 2,000 brands. It is popular with women with a sophisticated fashion sense.

※MAGASEEK shopping can be done directly from within the MAGASEEK website.

MAGASEEK Purchase Methods

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Based on the concept of "Unique and free casual fashion styles" for both men and women, offers Japanese and global jeans as well imported apparel.

※UNIQUE JEAN STOR shopping can be done directly from within the UNIQUE JEAN STOR website.

UNIQUE JEAN STORE Purchase Methods


A BATHING APE's specialty shop. Many very rare items are sold here, so please take a look.

※KAMETSUKU SHOP shopping can be done directly from within the KAMETSUKU SHOP website.

KAMETSUKU SHOP Purchase Methods


Began as an online shop in 2013 with the concept of "A shop where you can transcend all boundaries to enjoy fashion as an individual".

※Pameo Pose shopping can be done directly from within the Pameo Pose website.

PAMEO POSE Purchase Methods

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A boutique specializing in bringing out the cuteness and alluring beauty intrinsic to women, no matter their age.

※HONEY MI HONEY shopping can be done directly from within the HONEY MI HONEY website.

HONEY MI HONEY Purchase Methods

See HONEY MI HONEY products

Promotion Participation Method

A coupon will be issued to each customer participating in the event.

※Please check the details of the promotion before participating

  • STEP 1

    • During the promotional period, purchase a product that costs 3,000 yen or more from a shop you are shopping at for the first time!

      Please wait for the coupon to be issued.

  • STEP 2

  • STEP 3

    • image image
    • Please select the coupon you received when it is time to calculate international shipping!

Promotion details

Target Period
Promotion Period:
September 17th, 2021 (Fri) 12:00 p.m - September 30th, 2021 (Thu) 11:59 p.m. [JST]
Coupon Issue Date:
October 4th, 2021 (Mon) around 12:00 p.m. [JST]
※ Please be aware that coupon distribution times may vary.
Coupon Usage Period:
Coupon Issue Date - October 17th, 2021 (Sun) 11:59 p.m.
Promotion Overview

If you shop at a participating store during the promotion period, you will receive a 3,000 yen OFF coupon for international shipping!

Coupon Distribution Conditions
  • A coupon will be distributed to customers who purchase one or more items with a price of 3,000 yen or more at a participating shop during the promotion period.
    ※Only one coupon will be issued per customer, even in the event of shopping at multiple stores.
Important Notes

Coupon Acquisition

  • Only those who purchase one or more items with a product price of 3,000 yen or more at a participating shop during the promotion period will be given a coupon on the specified coupon issue date.
  • If you have not shopped at a participating shop you will not be eligible for a coupon.
  • Coupons will not be issued in the event that customers make purchases at shops where they had previously shopped prior to the promotional period.
  • Only one coupon will be issued even if you purchase two or more items with an item price of 3,000 yen or more.
  • Only one coupon is allowed per person, even if you make purchases at multiple stores.
  • Even if the customer makes an order with Buyee during the promotion period, the coupon may not be given if Buyee has not yet finished the purchase within the promotion period. It typically takes 1-2 business days from the time of applying for an order on Buyee for purchases to be completed. ※ In some cases, it may take longer than two business days.
  • In the event a purchase is completed with Buyee after the coupon issue date, the coupon will be distributed at a separate time.
  • Please be aware that in the event of unreasonable orders or new registrations (for example, multiple accounts owned by a single user), coupons will not be distributed.

Coupon Usage

  • How to use the coupon
  • When you use the coupon, international shipping will be discounted 3,000 yen. Other charges, such as domestic Japanese shipping fees (from the seller to the Buyee warehouse), plan fees, etc. are paid for separately.
  • The coupon cannot be exchanged for money.
  • The coupon can be used for products from an eligible shop, including several products shipped together in one box. however, in the event that multiple products have being purchased in such a way that they may be shipped in separate boxes, the coupon only applies to one box.
  • The coupon cannot be combined with other international shipping coupons.
  • If the coupon usage period has expired, you will not be eligible for free shipping, so please make sure that international shipping is completed within the coupon usage period.
  • If the package that received free shipping from application of the coupon is returned, the coupon cannot be reissued and no discount can be re-applied. We are unable to provide support if you forget to use the coupon.
  • If you apply for optional services (package consolidation, secure packaging, etc.) within the coupon usage period, the coupon will not be eligible unless the purchase completes within the usage period. As a rule, please allow for 4-5 days before the deadline when using optional services that may require additional time.
  • Please be aware this campaign may be subject to change or cancellation without prior notice.

What is Buyee proxy shopping service?

Buyee is a service that purchases products on behalf of customers and sends the packages internationally.
From purchase to international delivery, Buyee takes care of everything.
So it's much easier to use compared to forwarding services.
The fees for Buyee service are also exceptionally cheaper than using forwarding services. So please take a look around!

Reasons you should use Buyee as your proxy shopping service

  • image

    Able to interact with many e-commerce sites

  • image

    You don't need to be able to read Japanese

  • image

    Exceptionally low prices in the business

  • image

    A range of delivery methods

  • image

    No need for identity verification

  • image

    Lots of ways to pay

  • image

    Safe and reliable service